October 24, 2023

Episode 29: ‘All Brains Are Good’: A Closer Look at Autism and ADHD

Join us on a journey through the world of neurodiversity in our latest episode, as we explore autism and ADHD across the lifespan. Kelly Geelan, LCSW at Vanderbilt Health, guides us through the neurodiversity movement and common misconceptions about autism. The episode continues with Allison Peak, LCSW, executive director at Allied Behavioral Health Solutions, who shares the importance of early interventions and support for those with ADHD. We’ll examine how understanding social cues and building supportive relationships can aid the transition into adulthood. Finally, we discuss how workplaces can become more inclusive for neurodiverse adults. You’ll discover that neurodiversity is about appreciating and respecting all brains, not just those we consider “normal.” Together, we’ll tackle the language we use, explore how we can shift our perspective and change the conversation about neurodiversity together.

Connect with Our Guests

Alison Peak

Alison D. Peak LCSW, IMH-E

Executive Director at Allied Behavioral Health Solutions

Kelly Geelan, LCSW

Kelly Geelan, LCSW

Licensed Mental Health Professional III at Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital