May 21, 2024

Episode 36: Decoding Health: The Role of Precise Coding and Risk Adjustment in Patient Care

Coding is an often overlooked but critical aspect of health care. Dr. Victor Legner, a geriatrician with a wealth of knowledge in clinical documentation and coding integrity, unravels the intricate web of ICD-10 codes, hierarchical condition categories and risk adjustment factor scores, spotlighting how accurate coding is key to ensuring providers are adequately funded.

Dr. Legner underscores the need to regularly update patients’ records to ensure all providers have up-to-date information about their patients’ conditions. The episode also discusses areas where coding mistakes are common, such as chronic conditions like depression and diabetes. Tune in for insight into how precise coding can help health care professionals improve patient care and adapt to new care models that focus on value.

Connect with Our Guests

Dr. Victor Legner

Victor Legner, MD, MSc

Associate Professor of Medicine, VUMC Division of Geriatric Medicine

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