March 26, 2024

Episode 34: 3 Ways to Maximize Medication Adherence

There’s a good reason Medicare triple-weights medication adherence as a performance measure. Prescriptions aren’t effective if patients can’t access them easily or take them routinely. One way VHAN’s Care Management team supports network members is by helping their patients overcome barriers to filling prescriptions and managing complex medication regimens.

In this episode, clinical pharmacist Danya Wilson and nurse practitioner Catherine McMullan discuss the transformative power of personalized patient medication strategies. We explore how a renewed focus on medication adherence can help VHAN members improve health care outcomes and costs, leading to better contract performance and greater financial incentives.

Connect with Our Guests

Danya Horchi Wilson

Danya Horchi Wilson, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist, VUMC Population Health

Catherine McMullan

Catherine McMullan, APRN

Nurse Practitioner - Care Navigator, VHAN