November 29, 2023

Episode 31: Coping With Grief: Navigating Loss in Personal and Professional Life

In this thoughtful discussion, we navigate the landscape of grief and loss with our guests, Rebecca Sebastian, MPH, VHAN licensed clinical social worker, and Martha Shepherd, DO, MPH, medical director for Vanderbilt Health at Metro Nashville Public Schools. These experts examine anticipatory and acute grief, highlight factors that disrupt the normal process of grieving and offer guidance on determining when behavioral health intervention may be needed. Dr. Shepherd also explores the role of employers in providing access to grief resources and the importance of reducing stigma around mental health in the workplace.

Connect with Our Guests

Martha Shepherd

Martha Shepherd, DO, MPH

Medical Director, Vanderbilt Health at Metro Nashville Public Schools Employee and Family Health Care Centers

Rebecca Sebastian

Rebecca Sebastian, LCSW, MPH

Network Behavioral Health Pediatric Partner at Vanderbilt University Medical Center